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Health and safety is very important to us here at Hi-spec, as a company we pride our self with our methods and the policy we have in place. We have an independent health and safety officer who keeps us up to date with new laws and procedures . Each job we provide a construction phase plan under cdm rules. If you are looking at selecting a contractor to build your project make sure that they are able to provide you with a full construction phase plan, as the client home owner, you do have a responsibility under cdm rules to make sure that your project is in line. luckily here at his-spec we provide our clients with this and we are independently audited so you can rest assured that your obligations under this law are taken care of. It is a shame but many small builders are not aware that this law even exist, so becareful when choosing the right contractor for your project. As a guide it should be of around 40 odd pages and be individual to each site. 
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