Home and House extensions Cambridge by Hi-spec


Home extensions in Cambridge

We have been building award winning extensions in cambridge since we begun trading. offering clients a full design and build concept. With a fully guaranteed fixed price for the works.

We understand the importance of choosing the right contractor to carry out your dream project. it is our goal to provide our clients with what we think is important. Of course the quality of the build and materials used is extremely important. But I think that our accreditations provide our clients with the evidence that our work is of the highest standard. What is also important and we have learnt this through hundreds of projects completed for all different clients. Having major building work done can be very stressful for the clients especially if it is the first time they have decided to start a project. 

Here at hi-spec all our staff understand this and work to help the clients and reassure our clients what is going on at each stage, providing constant information we find helps the clients to understand the  process and timing we have found that these helps reduce anxiety and helps the job run smoothly. Our clients happiness is our aim that is why on every site we visit the neighbours to explain what we are aiming to do and work with the neighbours to help prevent any disturbance to the daily harmony of the area. Of course some disturbance will always be present but by providing the neighbouring properties a schedule and highlighting times of major works we find works very well and again takes pressure of our clients.  


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